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27th May 2020

Covid 19 – Changing Spaces – Rethinking our living and working environment

  When lockdown was announced everybody around us was making arrangements to work remotely. As a building sustainability consultancy, we
27th November 2019
How Can SBEM Save Your Business Money?

SBEM Reports 101: How Can SBEM Save Your Business Money?

If eco-friendliness and environmentally conscious behaviour are your main priorities, you’ll want to invest in the tools that will help
15th February 2019

Construction, we speak your language

From award winning networking to award winning translation.  The foreign language is building regulations part L.  As a quadrilingual individual
3rd January 2019

How to save money on your building cost?

How can you maximise and benefit from the cost of energy efficiency calculations on your new build project? From 10
6th December 2018

How to make buildings sustainable and affordable?

2nd November 2018

External Walls Exposed

Building regulations make allowances for existing buildings when it comes to improving thermal performance. It’s called design flexibility. Yet when
2nd October 2018

Beware Building Control Officers – Building Control Officers Beware

Who would like to see their construction projects signed, sealed and delivered, hassle free? Ask a room of a hundred
31st August 2018

What information is required to carry out As Built SAP calculations and how is the On-Construction EPC produced?

This is the most frequently asked question we are asked by clients, architects, developers and construction companies, when they need
16th May 2018

How to Manage the Whole Sustainability Shebang in One Easy Step

Managing the Sustainability Health and Wellbeing of you and your projects – The whole shebang – the hot potato –
21st March 2018

Part L Building Regulations: What exactly is a SAP/SBEM calculation?

    Put simply, SAP or Standard Assessment Procedure, is for domestic dwellings, SBEM, Simplified Building Energy Model, is for
21st March 2018

Part L and Building Regulations: 2010 vs 2013

‘SAP Calculations’                                  “You say tomato, I say tomahto” Part L and Building Regulations:  2010 vs 2013. The right decision can
13th February 2018

A breath of fresh air – is your airtightness and ventilation right?

Long gone are the days of open fireplaces in every home. Not only did they serve as the main heating
12th January 2018

A breath of fresh air – is your airtightness and ventilation right?

Long gone are the days of open fireplaces in every home. Not only did they serve as the main heating
5th January 2018

Do buildings sweat?

Installing insulation and vapour barriers, particularly in existing buildings not originally designed for them, often leads people to ask whether
16th October 2017

When Warm Roofs Go Wrong

Flat roofs are among the simplest construction elements that can feature in a building. A warm roof features a structural
25th July 2017

4 Top Tips in Embracing The Changes of the Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Landscape

It was my pleasure to deliver a CPD seminar to an award winning, London based, architects practice. Over half of
30th May 2017

Design for Low NOx

As NOx regulations become tighter there are clear advantages to utilising technologies such as flue gas recirculation in pressure jet
26th April 2017

Latest Building Regulations, ACD, Thermal Bridging. New Changes Coming Into Effect Now

In April 2014 new changes in Part L came into effect. This means that instead of using Accredited Construction Detail
21st March 2017

New Build Homes Face Emerging Ventilation Crisis

“Despite increasing standards of insulation and airtightness, housing developers face few requirements to provide better ventilation and indoor air quality
28th February 2017

UK ‘Must Insulate 25 Million Homes’

A report to Parliament says 25 million existing homes will not meet the insulation standards required by mid-century. The UK
12th September 2016

BREEAM….ahead in your sustainable buildings

Our short guide to understanding WHY you should adopt BREEAM and HOW to successfully achieve it in your building projects..
1st June 2016

Don’t Blame it on the Sunshine, Don’t Blame on the Daylight…

The importance of daylight & sunlight assessments for the construction of new developments. Natural light inside buildings is an important
17th March 2016

EcoBuild 2016

This year it was all about lifestyle at Ecobuild 2016. Ecobuild is the industry exhibition that just keeps giving. Together
10th March 2016

CPD on Better Building Sustainability

How Many CPD Events or Seminars Do You Get to Attend With a Stunning View Like This? It was my
18th February 2016

Plan, Plan, Plan…

Our EAL Consult 11 TOP TIPS for effective Projects Planning in 2016 Code, No code – Rest assured sustainability compliance
11th February 2016

Cross Laminated Timber

EAL Consult are very excited to be quoting for a project that features this highly efficient low carbon product that
5th January 2016

Our TOP 10 “Do’s” For Success in 2016

As we all hit 2016, many of us will have been thinking about setting objectives and planning for our success
12th November 2015

Theme Park First With Renewable Power

A leading theme park has become the first in the UK to be powered by renewable energy. GreenWood Forest Park
28th October 2015

The First Amphibious House Revisited – As featured in Grand Designs on Channel 4 Tonight!!

We are so happy to have participated in this beautiful and innovative project by helping with the energy efficiency for
5th October 2015

Are you for or against?

In 2014 British shoppers took home 8.5 billion single-use carrier bags from big supermarkets. The average household has 40 of
3rd September 2015

Joined Up Writing in Energy Efficiency

So you want to make your existing commercial building as energy efficient as possible now that an upgrade is on
10th August 2015

Mitsubishi Sustainability Training

I was delighted to be talking the Mitsubishi sales team at Head Office last week on how to increase their
29th June 2015

Pavegen Paving Slabs

Never mind solar energy. This clever start-up product converts the kinetic force from a footstep into electricity Six years ago,
19th June 2015

Global Warming as Seen Through the Glorious Life Work of a Singular Man

Ron Naveen has spent 30 years charting the decline of penguins of Antarctica and sees only one cause. The first
2nd June 2015

Bund Lining – Waterproofing & Sealing Solutions

In many industries bunds are widely used to act as secondary containment vessels to protect against the consequences of the
15th May 2015

Feed In Tariff Update! Did you know…?

The Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme is a government programme designed to promote the uptake of a range of small-scale renewable
29th April 2015

Revolutionary Graphene Light Bulb Should Save You Money

A lightbulb made using the revolutionary new ‘super material’ graphene is set to go on sale later this year. The
22nd April 2015

Vienna’s Outstandingly Sustainable Urban Lakeside Project

The Past, The Process and The Why Urbanization is a global trend, and is having a major impact on cities
13th April 2015

Knowledge Sharing. What can you share?

EAL Consult says, “….and finally some joined up writing, yey!” The amount of times we have been called out to
13th April 2015

Home Quality Mark – Our Surroundings

Is this a bridge too far? We strongly support and applaud all efforts towards green building. At the same time
13th April 2015

Why a Home Quality Mark?

Is this a good idea? Recent independent research shows that home buyers value expert guidance that they can trust when
13th April 2015

The New Kid on the Block – Home Quality Mark

Following the debatable demise of the Code for Sustainable Homes, BRE introduced their new sustainable kid on the block.  The
26th March 2015

Well Hello International Property Show Dubai

Who is Going to This? I am so looking forward to this event… meeting contacts out there… LEED vs BREEAM
26th March 2015

Eco Driving for the Soul

We just bought one of these and it is a real breath of fresh air. Serene, calm, futuristic, gliding, automatic,
11th March 2015

How Can Energy Efficiency Investments Help the EU Economy?

Who Will be Quids In? A major study of the impact of energy efficiency on job creation found that investments
6th March 2015

Ecobuild 2015 Verdict

Personally speaking, Ecobuild had a very international flavour this year. I had meetings with Green Build council members and businesses
27th February 2015

Zero Carbon Achievement for New Homes from 2016 – Allowable Solutions

AIS do sterling work in UK and globally and are at the forefront of building regulations legislation. We like this
24th February 2015

Waste Management – LUCIA Building

A further aspect taken into consideration is waste management during the construction phase as well as during the building’s use.
20th February 2015

Water Recovery – LUCIA Building

Management of water has been studied in detail. One basic premise has been followed at all times: to recover as
19th February 2015

Orientation and Lighting – LUCIA BuildingOrientation and Lighting – LUCIA Building

Zero energy, zero emissions building. LUCIA building orientation and lighting. Sunlighting, openings, and shapes A detailed, accurate study of openings
18th February 2015

Microclimates and Geothermics at LUCIA Building

The site covers a large enough area to allow for the creation of certain external environmental conditions to develop through
17th February 2015

Integrating Other Renewable Energies: Photovoltaic and Geothermal – LUCIA Building

Photovoltaic Systems The architectural design of the building merges photovoltaic systems in two ideal areas: the double skin curtain wall