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    Introduction to EAL Consult - presented at a networking event in Harrow - January 2024

    The session was videoed, so you can watch it  below.


    Presenting to business owners in the BNI Horizon Chapter in Harrow.

    Topics covered included:

    • About EAL Consult
    • Case studies
    • EALs commitment to sustainability

    Property Professionals - East London Business Expo - October 2023

    The panel was videoed, so you can watch it  below.

    As one of the guest pannelists on the Property Prefessionals panel at the East London Business Expo.

    Topics covered included:

    • Changes to the building regulations in 2022 in relation to energy and sustainability (Part L, Part O, Part E)
    • The knock on effect of these changes
    • EPCs on exisiting building

    Other panelists included Pauline Thomas of Smart Landlords, Dave Walters of HA Accountants and Consultants, Juanita Francis of TV Edwards solicitor and Anthony Wright of Always Right Mortgages.

    CPD on the Impact of Sustainable Building - August 2023

    Recent CPD event covering:

    • New policies for planning permission (2021). Now that the transition period is over and the new policy is being strictly applied what does this mean for the construction industry.
    • New building regulatons (introduced at the end of 2022) relating to both new building and conversions to exisiting buildings.

    India UK Real Estate Network - Reading University - organised by Virendra Adhikari

    Panel discussion on sustainability for students studinyh an MSc in Construction Management. The purpose of thepanel was to help students understand sustainablity in the context of the future roles they will be taking in the construction industry.

    Image of attendees at UK India Real Estate event

    North London Sustainability Network

    How to make buildings both sustainable & affordable – while incorporating renewable energy resources at the @North London Sustainability Network on 28 Nov. Other speaker topics include sustainable building design (including lighting) and the impact on wellbeing; the Circular Economy – recycle Vs reuse; the One Planet Living principles, UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Sustainability Roadmaps; how to design & maintain green spaces the sustainable way and much more.


    Enjoy thought provoking talks on what it means for you, or your business, to be ‘sustainable’ while taking in short presentations from experts across the construction and architecture sector. Topics include:

    New build residential & commercial buildings – how to make them sustainable & affordable? How does sustainable building design impact the workplace & wellbeing?
    The circular economy – office furniture, IT & AV tech – recycle Vs. reuse? Green spaces – how to design and maintain the sustainable way? CASE STUDIES: Using One Planet Living Principles & the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to create a Sustainable Roadmap…

    CPD Workshop at McLaren Construction London focusing on designing sustainability with SAP calculations and their effects on construction within council requirements and Part L building regulations compliance.

    A huge thank you to Monique for our sustainability workshop and talking us through everything we need to know about SAPS… and of course the cakes! Enjoyed by all the DMs! ….. Helen Yardley Wollaston Principal Design Manager at McLaren Construction.

    - McLaren

    It was very informative, and I can leave the room with an understanding of SAP calcs, TERs, SBEM etc….

    - Remi Waters, Pre Construction Technician McLaren Construction

    CPD Seminar at DSDHA award winning architects keeping up to date with the latest changes in Part L, MEES and Sustainability compliance.

    Userful to keep up to date with 2018 requirements in context of our professional advice to clients.

    - Anna Parkinson, Seniro Associate DSDHA

    Userful to keep up to date with 2018 requirements in context of our professional advice to clients.

    - Anna Parkinson, Seniro Associate DSDHA

    Most Influential Woman in Sustainability & Energy Compliance – London

    EAL Consult


    EAL Consult provides consultancy and project management on sustainability compliance. We invited Co-Founder and Managing Director Monique Simons to tell us more about her work and how the firm works to offer the very highest standards of support and service to its valued clients.

    F ounded in 2008, EAL Consult provide BREEAM assessments, energy and sustainability reports, daylight, sunlight and overshadowing reports, SAP/SBEM calculations for the construction sector. Supporting a wide range of clients, including architects, developers, M+E consultant and financial institutions, and as such it has to work hard to ensure it provides the very highest standards of service at all times, as Monique emphasises.

    “Here at EAL Consult, building is in our blood. We have 25 years’ experience in the property sector that we apply to our architect and developer friendly approach. We understand the importance of design meeting compliance whilst following the client’s brief. We understand the developer’s perspective and look to facilitate the sustainability compliance process with a practical and pragmatic approach.

    “Our mission statement says it all: ‘We love buildings because they are a universal symbol of accomplishment and community.’ The reason we are focused on sustainable buildings is so that we help develop lifetime comfort and security, encourage natural, affordable, energy efficiency and to nurture the establishment of sustainable legacies. It makes economic sense to reduce energy consumption by adopting renewable technologies. Property becomes more marketable and buildings
    become more comfortable places in which to live and work.”

    Since the firm’s inception Monique has been on a mission to unite Part L compliance, the conservation of fuel and power, and sustainability with the construction industry so that they can co-exist to mutual benefit. When EPCs were going to be introduced in October 2008 and on one knew about it yet with only a few short months to go Monique was speaking to hundreds of estate agents across the UK informing them of the imminent changes that lay ahead due to the new EU directive.

    In 2010, when these changes started to affect building regulations she was helping architects understand the significance of this to their designs. Between 2010 and 2014 She spearheaded further information sharing to even more industry professionals with EAL stands at Eco build, Grand Designs and the Energy Expo.

    Later, in 2014 EAL teamed up with Vega Ingenieria to provide LEED assessments in the UK. Monique went on a fact finding tour of their award winning LEED project, Lucia Building in Valladolid University, that had the highest score in Europe and was second in the world to the Pixel building in Sydney.

    In 2015, by invitation of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce she was invited to be part of a delegation at the international Vienna Congress on Sustainable Building 2015 Vienna and a study trip to Aspern, Europe’s largest Passivhaus standard Urban Development, built for a community of 100,000 inhabitants.

    In 2015, in light of the further changes to Part L in the 2013 Building Regulations she was delivering in house CPD training to Mitsubishi Electric. In 2016 She held CPD seminars with the EAL panel of experts in central London on the latest building regulations Part L compliance for domestic and commercial buildings. These seminars attended by approved building inspectors, architects, developers, housing associations and facilities management companies were also engineered to encourage networking and collaboration for the construction industry within a sustainability forum.  Monique is currently working to bridge the gap between the study of Energy and sustainability at  higher education level and realistic job opportunities in the sustainable construction industry for graduates. She is exploring this with the Leeds University Sustainability Research Institute and will be speaking to Phd students in order to create a better understanding of what employers  are looking for and what value a graduate with innovative research can bring to commercial energy, sustainability and construction consultancy.

    At the end of 2016 EAL was awarded Best Sustainability and Energy Boutique in South of England by Corporate Vision. Monique has attended executive workshops in the UK and USA and has won numerous business leadership awards for training local business communities in networking and marketing. She herself has passed
    close to two million pounds worth of business by referral whilst reaching out to a global network of businesses with her energy and sustainability consultancy.

    Moving forward, EAL Consult are seeking to continue to inspire its clients to push to engage with new ideas and technologies as Monique concludes.

    “Looking ahead, our biggest challenge is to help our clients meet the sustainability targets set by the government in a very busy market. The key issue is working towards 2020 where zero carbon emissions will be expected of all new buildings. This entails helping our clients with the mandatory transition from traditional building habits to embracing new technologies and we are excited to work with our clients to achieve this.”



    EAL Consult @ The Shard

    @ The Shard Q & A

    @ The Shard - Interview 1

    @ The Shard Interview 2

    @ The Shard Interview 3

    … thank you Monique, for a lovely morening yesterday, in all respects, such charm & warmth upon arrival… I cam along, if I’m honest, to see the Shard more that anything, but because of you and your team, I gained so muc more… I’m grateful, many thanks.

    - Robert Nicholas, Nicholas Holdings Ltd.

    LUCIA Building

    We went to visit our associates in Spain who carried out the LEED assessment for the LUCIA building.

    LUCIA building, University of Valladolid, Spain is used for laboratories and provides areas for medical and neonatal research and the Digital Knowledge Society.

    The building was awarded LEED Platinum (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification as well as the highest “four leaf” rating in the Spanish VERDE (GBCEspaña) green building system. The building’s bioclimatic design, increased insulation, passive ventilation, and other strategies, enable energy demand to be cut by over 50%.

    Urban Lakeside Development - Aspern

    EAL Consult had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Urban Lakeside Development in Aspern, Austria.

    The project, a 240 hectare site, started in order to tackle Vienna’s fast growing population, as well as the huge economic, ecological and social challenges the city is facing due to this. After we visited this sustainable energy and lifestyle project in Vienna, we can see that there is certainly a lot to be admired.

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