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    Sustainability Reports & Sustainability Statements

    EAL Consult prepare sustainability reports and sustainability checklists. We undertake consultancy, working closely with architects, developers and builders advising them on energy efficiency and renewable technologies to ensure that not only are building regulations complied with but the design incorporates sustainability and client’s needs.

    It is advantageous to assess the various options open at the design stage in order to find the most suitable and cost effective routes.

    We have worked on various projects providing advice on suitable technologies for homes, flats, care homes, commercial offices and retail outlets.

    Sustainability Report

    Sustainability Reports are a common requirement across the UK.

    A Sustainability Report demonstrates how a development will comply with ‘core policies’ set by the local council. Core policies relating to building sustainability generally cover, water efficiency calculations, flood risk assessment or surface water reporting, measures to reduce construction and demolition waste and increase recycling, and promote the procurement of low-impact materials. Furthermore, effects on the biodiversity of the site can be mitigated with ecology reporting. It also includes designing to increase the use of natural lighting, measures can also be incorporated to design buildings for flexible use and adaptation to reflect changing lifestyles and the principle of whole life costing.

    Sustainability Checklists

    Sustainability checklists sets out key principles for sustainable design that can be applied to buildings ranging from houses to commercial properties. They are developed by each council to assess the social, environmental and economic impacts of developments.

    It takes the form of a series of questions that initially require a tick in a box response. Further supporting evidence or information may be required for each question.