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    Water Calculations

    Why do I need water calculations?

    They are required as Part G of the Building regulations.

    On applying for planning permission applications require a water calculation.

    Langtry House, London – The Iceberg House

    The site Langtry House sits on was once a row of lockup garages. Now it is a unique house, built 2 storeys underground, earning the name ‘Iceberg House’.

    From the outside, it first looks as a single storey modest house. However, the architects have used a unique idea of building underground and have created a beautiful 3 bedroom family home that includes a wine cellar and cinema room.

    EAL Consult were given the fabulous opportunity to carry out the water efficiency assessment and calculation for compliance with Building Regulations Part G along with the air permeability test.

    What is Part G of the Building regulations?

    The 2010 edition of Approved Document G (sanitation, hot water safety and water efficiency) mandates to have a predicted water consumption of 125 litres/person/day using the methodology outlined in the “Water Efficiency Calculator of New Dwellings”. The ‘Water efficiency calculator for new dwellings’ is the Government’s national calculation methodology for assessing water efficiency in new dwellings in support of The Code for Sustainable Homes and the Building Regulations.

    When do I need to do a water calculation?

    At the design stage of a new build you will need to demonstrate a water reduction strategy. This is usually done by using low flow taps and showers and grey water and rainwater recycling.

    How can EAL Consult help with water calculations and Part G Building regulations?

    Our report will provide you with

    1. Compliance with 17K of Building Regulations.
    2. Code for sustainable home WAT 1 report. (if applicable)
    3. Detailed water calculations for both as design and as built stage.

    EAL Consult can provide water calculations for dwellings and liaise with building control authorities.