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    Creating Environmental Policies

    An environmental policy outlines an organisation’s commitment to reduce its impact on the environment.  It gives a framework for setting objectives and targets to improve the companies environmental performance. Whether you need to demonstrate your green credentials to customers and government bodies, need to include it in tender document or you want to instill sustainability in your culture, the environmental policy is the key.

    Our expert team works with clients to create and implement an effective environmental policy.

    Environmental Policy

    Vision, Mission and Core Values

    • Review the current company vision, mission and core values in the context of sustainability.
    • Identify key themes for environmental policy.
    • Understand the requirements for the environmental policy.
    mission vision values
    Operational areas

    Key Operational Areas

    • Travel – using sustainable transport and virtual meetings where possible.
    • Waste handling – reduction, reuse, recycling and procurement decisions.
    • Utilities – energy efficiency, water use, actions to reduce carbon emissions.
    • Biodiversity – outdoor spaces and planting for a greener world.
    • Health and Wellbeing- enabling the whole organisation to flourish.

    Working with Clients

    • Products and services for sustainable delivery.
    • Engagement to minimise the carbon footprints of projects, staff, and suppliers.
    • Encourage lower impact ingredients, materials and chemicals.
    • Considering the life cycle of products and services, and designing them to be as sustainable as possible.
    • Involving employees and other stakeholders in sustainable practices.
    • Providing training and incentives to employees and other stakeholders to buy into environmental awareness.
    Environmental monitoring

    Management and Monitoring

    • Engagement of the whole team
    • Frequency of reviews
    • Improvement processes
    • External review

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