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    Meeting Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

    As a landlord or letting agent, an energy performance certificate (EPC) with a minimum rating of E is required before a property can be let. The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) which came into force in 2016, updated in 2018, mean it is against the law to let a property with an EPC rating below E. It is anticipated that this minimum is likely to be raised to a D by 2025 and a C rating by 2030.

    For a domestic property or commercial building, a valid EPC must be in place each time a property is let to demonstrate the energy rating and, if it is below the minimum, action needs to be taken to improve the rating before the tenancy agreement or lease can be signed.

    EAL Consult’s experienced assessors are approved by Elmhurst Energy to provide EPCs for private and commercial landlords and property managers. They can also give advice on how to improve the energy and thermal efficiency of the building to future proof the investment.

    Energy Performance Certificates

    Our EPC Inspections

    • Doors and windows
    • Installed appliances
    • Loft insulation
    • Lighting
    • Building structure

    Advising landlords on improvements

    • Modern glazing methods
    • Sustainable energy installations
    • Additional insulation
    • Exemptions available where necessary

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