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    Why a Home Quality Mark?

    Is this a good idea?

    Recent independent research shows that home buyers value expert guidance that they can trust when selecting a home.

    Impartial information on building quality, running costs (utilities, insurance and maintenance) and the positive benefits of a healthy home in a connected community give them the reassurance they need when making a life changing choice of moving into a new home.

    Clear Evidence

    There is now clear evidence that consumers increasingly use information from independent, trustworthy sources when making choices, especially in an increasingly digital and connected age.

    For homes, the average household expenditure on mortgages, rent, insurance, energy bills and council tax is over £1/2 million. Added to the fact that 90% of people’s lives are spent inside buildings, there is a clear need for better information to householders.

    Stark Contrast

    The start contrast between the information available when buying a new car or even computer or fridge, and that for a new home – usually our most significant life purchase – is something that the Home Quality Mark aims to put right. It will also help to drive continuous improvement in house building for the benefit of home buyers.

    Home Will it Work?

    Independent, fully trained and licensed professionals will assess and score wide ranging aspects of a new home to give an overall quality rating.

    This simple quality score will be accompanied by clear indication of performance in specific areas; including overall cost, impact on householders’ health and wellbeing and the environmental footprint of living in the home.

    House builders and developers will arrange for their new homes to be assessed against the standards required to be awarded the Home Quality Mark. Gaining the Mark will be voluntary and so will sharply distinguish those homes displaying it from those that do not.

    Who is Behind the Home Quality Mark?

    BRE – Building Research Establishment.

    Can you see this working?

    Source: BRE –

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