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Integrating Other Renewable Energies: Photovoltaic and Geothermal – LUCIA Building

Photovoltaic SystemsIntegrating Other Renewable Energies

The architectural design of the building merges photovoltaic systems in two ideal areas: the double skin curtain wall in the south-east facing wall (where common rest areas are located) and two skylights above each of the staircase areas. The actual photovoltaic panels themselves and the double skin allow this strong natural light to be filtered into the building’s interior. The double skin facade produces 5,000 kWh per year and the skylights 5,500 kWh, leading to an annual saving of 3,570.00 euros. They contribute to the building’s positive renewable energy balance as well as encouraging research into the topic such that, in addition to producing electrical energy, the skylights aid climate control in the building, both in winter and summer. This entails an added cost in financial terms which is offset by the constant reduction in energy consumption, further research, and emission reduction.

Energy Saving
Financial Saving

Twin photovoltaic skin façade

60,500 €

5,000 electrical kWh

1,700 €/año

Photovoltaic skylights

44,000 €

5,5000 electrical kWh

1,870 €/año

Geothermal pipes

34,000 €

25,000 thermal kWh
2,70000 electrical kWh

-6 €/año

Balance between cost, energy and financial saving, of generating energy using renewable sources in the building.


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