SBEM Reports 101: How Can SBEM Save Your Business Money?


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    SBEM Reports 101: How Can SBEM Save Your Business Money?

    How Can SBEM Save Your Business Money?

    If eco-friendliness and environmentally conscious behaviour are your main priorities, you’ll want to invest in the tools that will help you achieve that with your building.

    In this regard, you can’t go wrong with a Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) report. An SBEM report comes with a series of calculations and measurements that lets you know exactly how your building is making use of energy.

    Consider these points to learn more about this report and how it can be useful.

    Understand What SBEM Is and What It is For

    SBEM refers to a highly intuitive software platform that gives you clear and concrete data on how your building is using energy on a regular basis.

    You’ll need to have a professional familiar with this software and the assessment process to conduct the evaluation. During the assessment, the professional will go through the various zones in your building in order to measure how efficiently your home is using energy.

    This way, they can find areas where you can make improvements to save money and make your building’s performance optimal.

    They will give you clear data on how well your building is heated, insulated, lit, cooled and ventilated. Having this information can dictate every upgrade you make and how you utilize energy.

    The Benefits of an SBEM Report

    Since you now know exactly what an SBEM report is, it’s vital that you learn exactly why it’s beneficial. Consider these advantages:

    1. It Keeps Your Building In Compliance

    When you want a building that is compliant with local sustainability planning conditions and building regulations, an SBEM report is a must.

    These reports keep your building in compliance with CO2 emissions, the National Calculation Methodology (NCM), and national minimum energy efficiency standards. By making sure that your building is assessed and in compliance, you will reduce your carbon footprint and also lower the likelihood of infractions and fines.

    2. You’ll Get Access to Loans and Grants That Can Be Useful

    There are plenty of programs in place that you can take part in once you get an SBEM report.

    When your commercial building is sustainable, you may also be able to get access to government-sponsored building loans.

    When you find the best loans, you will also enjoy a plethora of building cost savings as well. This is useful whenever you are planning a renovation or new construction.

    3. Your Building Will Remain Up to Date With Technological and Eco-Friendly Standards

    When you adhere to certain eco-friendly standards, your project may qualify for government benefits and other such perks throughout the years.

    This helps you to make changes that always keep your home or commercial building modern. Right now, electrical, heating, cooling, lighting and plumbing systems are all moving toward more eco-friendly practices, so you should modernise your home in this way as much as possible.

    Doing so will save you more money in the long run, and will also help you to grow the equity of your property.

    4. Understanding Your Property’s Energy Performance is Helpful For Design and Upgrades

    Today, particularly, you need to be sure that you are incorporating energy-efficient principles into your design.

    By having a breakdown of every facet of your commercial building or home’s energy use, you will make design decisions that count. Whether you’re installing new fixtures or renovating different rooms in the building, you can do so with a solid foundation when you have an SBEM report.

    You’ll save money on your project because it’ll be completed quicker and with a lower likelihood of mistakes or inaccuracies.

    5. Professionals Will Assess Your HVAC System to Help You Get Savings and Better Performance

    Your heating and cooling system is the biggest user of energy in your building. When you get an SBEM report, the technicians can determine exactly what kind of heating and cooling repairs will save you money.

    These repairs will give your HVAC system better performance as a whole and makes sure that you aren’t wasting energy and resources during wintertime and summertime.

    Use SBEM to the Fullest

    An SBEM report gets you the data that you need quickly. Since you are getting an assessment from an energy professional, you will be able to take action with any suggestions right away.

    Having this data is especially useful when you are trying to take a project to tender.

    The water, sunlight and other energy calculations will be useful to you when you need to prove Part L building compliance and furnish proof of energy certificates. Since this report is so useful, you’ll need to make sure that you get the help of the best professionals and store your report for recordkeeping purposes.

    Consider These Tips and Get an SBEM Report

    By getting an SBEM report, you will enjoy all of these advantages, and then some.

    Whether you simply need to demonstrate compliance or want to design a high quality energy performance building, have access to up to date energy data for your own records, getting one of these reports can be just what you are looking for.

    Consider these points about getting a report and take the time to reach out if you need our services.

    For more help with SBEM calculations and reports, contact us online or give us a call at 020 8930 5668.

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