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    What information is required to carry out As Built SAP calculations and how is the On-Construction EPC produced?

    This is the most frequently asked question we are asked by clients, architects, developers and construction companies, when they need the As Built SAP calculations and On Construction EPC for Part L sign off.

    The scaled drawing required are a full set of floor plans, all sections and all elevations. No scans or photocopies should be used as these hamper the measuring exercise, cause inaccuracies and can generate erroneous results.

    Other information required is details of the heating systems, lighting, glazing, insulation, ground floor/external wall/roof build ups or construction detail and renewable technologies, of course. As Built SAP calculations are produced from this information as are U-value calculations. Some of this information is used for thermal bridging calculations that are required at the As Built stage for new builds.

    On Construction EPC

    An on-Construction EPC is produced when the As Built SAP calculations have been verified and the building’s energy performance is lodged with the accreditation body e.g. Elmhurst ECMK. It will then appear on the Landmark database and the EPC with its grading, A to G, can be retrieved from this Government register.

    EPC Evidence – know what you need to do to avoid delays and aggravation

    The SAP evidence verification process often proves the most trying element of this exercise when undertaken for the first time. Many house builders, developers and architects who learned the hard way, now know exactly what they need to do and focus their energy on providing the relevant evidence rather than trying to fight the system. EPCs are compliance documents after all!

    The EPC evidence, in general, consists of the air test certificate, MSC certificate for PV panels if applicable, photos of the building from the outside, some areas inside, windows, heating systems, PV panels and control systems. U-value calculations are required. Sometimes the architect has done these. Sometimes the insulation manufacturer provides them as part of the service. Energy consultants can also provide them. Thermal bridging calculations are usually only required for new builds. These can be obtained from the architect or energy consultant. Glazing and frame U-value confirmation from the manufacturer or provider is also required. If you have a Fensa certificate it should be on there. If not, one phone call to the company on the certificate and an email is all that’s needed for them to confirm the window or door U-value. Nearly done, a letter of confirmation that the SAPs have been adhered to and confirmation of the address to appear on the EPC.

    Voila! The As Built SAPs and On Construction EPC for the building control inspector are done. If you can provide all that evidence all in one go you may well need a little snooze afterwards but the delivery of these golden certificates will be waaaaaay faster and your BCO will be able to sign off the Part L building regulations toute suite.

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