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    Plan, Plan, Plan…

    Our EAL Consult 11 TOP TIPS for effective Projects Planning in 2016

    1. Code, No code – Rest assured sustainability compliance for building control compliance has not gone away!
    2. Forewarned is Forearmed – Times have changed, building regulations have changed, and planning policies have changed. The interpretation of all of these is key.
    3. Maximise your ROI – Find out what you really need to comply with at the most beneficial stage. This will help with your success.
    4. Be informed – Ongoing learning by attend regular workshops, seminars is vital to help stay ahead of your shardgame and your competitors. Have you booked on one of our CPD’s on Sustainability and Energy efficiency in new build, refurbs and refits?
      Find the right answers – Are the days of soaking in a large bath numbered?
    5. A problem shared …. – It’s good to talk. Do not be scared to ask other professionals in the industry for help and advice. You can also share the information you receive, especially through social media. Why not pick our brains on Twitter @energyoracle or here on LinkedIn
    6. Get busy – Quite simply the more involved you are in the minutiae of your scheme the more money you will make.
    7. Cinderella will go to the ball – Most pumpkins can turn into sparkling carriages with a change of use
    8. Make the most of opportunities – Take advantage of permitted development allowances whilst you can. Sit down and think what can be potentially achieved and put a good solid plan into place.
    9. There’s contribution and contribution – Every little helps. Section 106
    10. Left and Right! – Make sure the right hand know what the left hand is doing at all times. BIM – Building Information Management

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