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    The New Kid on the Block – Home Quality Mark

    Following the debatable demise of the Code for Sustainable Homes, BRE introduced their new sustainable kid on the block.  The Home Quality Mark is a rigorous and relevant standard for new homes.

    A national quality mark will give those buying or renting new homes the confidence that they are choosing a well built, cost-effective home that is designed and built to exceed their expectations.

    Developed by BRE, it helps everyone understand the quality, performance and attributes of new build homes.

    Our Mark

    With an overall rating based on a scale of up to 5 stars it will be easy to compare different homes quickly and easily in terms of their overall performance.

    To provide greater clarity on how the home performs, the interests of key parties such as home occupants, developers and planners will also be rated.  At the launch, indicators from a householder’s perspective will be:

    • Householder Costs
    • Positive Impact on Health and Wellbeing
    • Environmental Footprint

    The indicators will be presented clearly to draw out the value of a property.

    What is Measured?

    The Home Quality Mark will have three sections:

    • Knowledge Sharing
    • Our Surroundings
    • My Home

    These will each allow for a degree of pre-approval to maximise the cost effectiveness of the assessment process whilst taking account of issues that are site specific in the final assessment of the development.

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