We are so happy to have participated in this beautiful and innovative project by helping with the energy efficiency for this house from design stage to sign off. At conception, Robert Barker and his design team at BACA recognised the importance of sustainability in this building and wisely sought EAL Consult’s expertise for this project at the early stages.

As one can imagine, a key feature of any waterside house would surely be to maximise the vista of the surrounding beautiful views. To achieve compliance for the clients, considerably sized glazing, BIG, would be a key issue. This meant that over glazing was a major consideration in terms of matching compliance with design. Fortunately, as a new build it was possible to compensate for this with a strong fabric first approach, incorporating glazing with a high performance transmittance, a focus on wall built up, insulation and all round robust u-values.

The result, not just an amazing cutting edge amphibious building but one that also considered the sustainable energy case. Thank you for the opportunity to help Robert.

If you wish to find out more about this project please visit link to blog article and maybe watch on You tube or Channel 4 Grand Designs tonight at 9:00pm.