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    Microclimates and Geothermics at LUCIA Building

    The site covers a large enough area to allow for the creation of certain external environmental conditions to develop through the use of vegetation, and even aid the ventilation systems using geothermal pipes on the building’s exterior. This system, which conditions outdoor air naturally before ducting it into the ventilation system, may be deemed both a bioclimatic as well as renewable energy production device.

     Microclimates and Geothermics at LUCIA Building 1Ventilation systems: summer and winter

    Reducing the heat island effect at the site and creating a microclimate is achieved through the use of permeable surfaces located outside the building; sedum type intensive vegetation canopy covering 73.5% of the surface; local vegetation and deciduous trees at the site as well as other features that help create microclimates.

    With regard to creating this external microclimate, another decision taken in this respect was to design an outdoor open-plan car park using permeable paving. In addition to the personal benefits (an open space in a car park is far more pleasant than a closed one), taking such a decision allows for natural ventilation and lighting, drastically reducing the need for artificial lighting, fire-fighting facilities, anti-CO2 equipment, and so on.

    Microclimates and Geothermics at LUCIA Building  2Geothermal pipes under construction


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