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24th February 2015

Waste Management – LUCIA Building

A further aspect taken into consideration is waste management during the construction phase as well as during the building’s use.
19th February 2015

Orientation and Lighting – LUCIA BuildingOrientation and Lighting – LUCIA Building

Zero energy, zero emissions building. LUCIA building orientation and lighting. Sunlighting, openings, and shapes A detailed, accurate study of openings
18th February 2015

Microclimates and Geothermics at LUCIA Building

The site covers a large enough area to allow for the creation of certain external environmental conditions to develop through
17th February 2015

Integrating Other Renewable Energies: Photovoltaic and Geothermal – LUCIA Building

Photovoltaic Systems The architectural design of the building merges photovoltaic systems in two ideal areas: the double skin curtain wall