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    Energy Audits & Management

    What is an Energy audit?

    EAL Consult will carry out an  energy audit including a full analysis of a building’s fabric, air tightness & energy consumption. The survey includes ongoing monitoring following and controlling of the building. All audits include full SBEM calculations (benchmarking and carbon footprint) with recommendations and an Energy Performance Certificate & Display Energy Certificate where applicable

    EAL Consult’s energy audit will provide you with the information, advice and means to reduce your building’s energy consumption and save you money as well as improving your company’s carbon footprint.

    An Energy Audit will consist of an evaluation of the building’s thermal elements such as wall construction, windows, insulation, HVAC systems, lighting, small power, electrical and gas supplies, water leakage. All these elements will be surveyed in various forms and analysis provided to help evaluate and benchmark the building.

    We will also carry out a monitoring of all power related elements in the building, (where appropriate) providing a cost analysis and breakdown by floor and device type, providing live data for these elements enabling behavioural employee patterns within the workplace and consumption data. This is vital as it provides information on what the exact cost of various elements are, and how employees are using equipment, enabling accurate analysis and information.

    The information gained from these reports will then for the basis of a report that will be provided to the client with a list of recommendations and options. There is interest free funding available in many instances that enable clients to cover the  payback period for any finance that may be necessary, and very often the savings made are able to fund other improvements.