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    Green Mortgages

    What is a Green Mortgage?

    Green homes save money; cheaper bills, more sustainable. The question is what about the initial start-up? This is where Green mortgages come into play, or also known as energy efficient mortgages. These mortgages are classed as more ethical and sustainable.

    Green Mortgages can help you do the following:

    • Get money to invest in energy efficient upgrades for a new house.
    • Help you to qualify for a larger mortgage to pay for a house that is already energy efficient.
    • Qualify you for money for green renovations when refinancing a mortgage.
    • Make older homes more comfortable and more affordable with lower utility payments.
    • Help you to use less energy to maintain the temperatures in your home and therefore lessen you family’s footprint.

    How does a Green Mortgage work?

    There are three options with green mortgages:

    1. To offset a home owners carbon footprint by planting a certain number of trees per loan.
    2. Make contributions to charities that support the environment or the welfare of the less fortunate.
    3. Use the money to invest in renewable or sustainable technology.

    If the money is used to make a home more energy efficient via increased insulation, double glazing and renewable technologies, eventually the home owner will save money. Green homes can salvage up to 40 percent of the energy bill.

    Currently the five banks that are giving out green mortgages are:

    • The Co-operative Bank
    • The Norwich Peterborough Building Society
    • The Ecology Building Society

    These carbon friendly offices are being marketed as Grade ‘A’ for a reason. Soon all offices will be have a minimum rating of ‘D’ in order to be sold or let.