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    Feed in Tariffs?

    What are Feed in Tariffs?

    Feed in Tariffs (also known as FITs) is the latest policy by the Government based on Energy Act 2008, it was introduced on 1st April 2010 to encourage home owners to install renewable technologies.

    Feed-In Tariffs are the electricity part of what some people call Clean Energy Cashback, a scheme that pays people for creating their own “green electricity”.

    How do the Feed-In Tariffs help?

    The Tariffs give three financial benefits:

    • A payment for all the electricity you produce, even if you use it yourself
    • Additional bonus payments for electricity you export into the grid
    • A reduction on your standard electricity bill, from using energy you produce yourself

    Who are they for?

    Broadly speaking, the FITs are for everyone, including households, landlords, businesses and even organisations such as schools and care homes.

    Eligible Heating Systems

    To be eligible for the FIT scheme, the total installed capacity of an installation must not exceed 5 MW. This limit is 2kW for micro Combined Heat and Power (CHP).

    • Wind
    • Solar photovoltaic (PV)
    • Hydro
    • Anaerobic digestion
    • Domestic scale micro combined heat and power (CHP)

    Detailed Tariff prices are given in the DECC Website or

    We at EAL, estimate the approximate payback of renewable technologies and assist the clients to choose right module and make. We advise on Micro generation certified installers and ensure the client gets the payback.