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5th January 2018

Do buildings sweat?

Installing insulation and vapour barriers, particularly in existing buildings not originally designed for them, often leads people to ask whether
31st August 2018

What information is required to carry out As Built SAP calculations and how is the On-Construction EPC produced?

This is the most frequently asked question we are asked by clients, architects, developers and construction companies, when they need
16th May 2018

How to Manage the Whole Sustainability Shebang in One Easy Step

Managing the Sustainability Health and Wellbeing of you and your projects – The whole shebang – the hot potato –
21st March 2018

Part L Building Regulations: What exactly is a SAP/SBEM calculation?

    Put simply, SAP or Standard Assessment Procedure, is for domestic dwellings, SBEM, Simplified Building Energy Model, is for
21st March 2018

Part L and Building Regulations: 2010 vs 2013

‘SAP Calculations’                                  “You say tomato, I say tomahto” Part L and Building Regulations:  2010 vs 2013. The right decision can